Did YOU Make the World Better Today?

Did I take my vitamins? Check.

Did I put the leftovers in the fridge? Check.

Did I make the world better today? Hmmm…let me check.

Despite all the doom and gloom presented by the media, the bitching and fighting among fans of various political parties and the flame-wars which continue to escalate on social media, there ARE ways to make the world a better place every day…and it can be much easier than you may believe.

First off, we need to remember that ‘the’ world is not exactly ‘our’ world.

When we see pictures of people in need and those dealing with catastrophic situations from halfway around the world, it can seem overwhelming to think that we cannot make much of a difference.

For most of us, the world we venture out into daily may only be a small town or city we live in. Some people barely ever leave their own zip code. That is ‘their’ world’.

And here is the the beautiful part of this: it is pretty SIMPLE to have a positive effect on ‘your’ world when you realize that.

When your scope of caring shrinks from more than 7 BILLION people (according to on-line searches) to the thousands, hundreds or even ‘dozens’ of people who cross your path each day, it gets to feeling a little less overwhelming, doesn’t it?

Does this mean we do not care for those starving in Africa, the victims of the hurricanes in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico, or all those animals who cry along to a Sarah McLachlan song on TV?

Not at all.

It just means we think smaller to start, which can help us to realize that we CAN make a difference.

And the caring and giving muscles build from there.

How can you make the world a better place today?

Hold a door for someone…and smile.

Rescue a shopping cart which may be blocking a great parking spot.

Reach out to someone you know is struggling, and let them know you care.

Make someone laugh. (Bonus points if coffee comes out their nose)

Some people may think these tiny things cannot possibly make a difference in the grand scheme of life.

Here is the reason I feel this thinking is flawed.

It could make a world of difference for the person on the receiving end of these small acts and words.

Even the tiniest pebble, when tossed into a pond, can create ripples which travel to shore in every direction.

Go ahead, take the time to share just one more kind word or action today.

Send your ripples out into the world.

I bet they travel farther than you believe possible.

Seeing YOU do something may also inspire others to do the same.

And maybe, just maybe…you will have helped make the world a better place.

Why Did You Do That?

That one simple question…WHY?

Too many people are shrugging their shoulders with a dismissive “I dunno”, not even trying to take any responsibility for their actions and the results, for better or worse.

Have *I* done it?

 Oh, hell yes.

 Do I try to fall on the side of *purpose* these days, knowing MY why?

Even more hell yes.

 Think back you your last conversation with another human being.

 Why did you say the words you said?

 What was your most recent social media post?

 What was the reason behind it, positive or negative?

 Last time you were out in public, what did your actions say about you?

 Here’s a new video stressing the importance of WHY.

Steve’s Video: Important Question WHY?

 I had to laugh this week as Apple announced it’s latest iPhone generation, the “X” (pronounced ‘ten’ for us non-Romans).

 It appears to have the highest starting price of any of their phones thus far: starting at $1000.00.

 Holy crap…it’s a phone.

 Granted, it’s a phone that can do some pretty cool stuff.

 As with every other launch, I bet people will camp out in line for days, peeing into soda bottles and crapping in bread bags so they don’t lose their place in line…just to have that ‘latest, greatest gadget’ in their hands.


 It goes across the board to everything.

 In my industry, we are plagued by too many gurus who talk about their ‘Super Secret Success Formulas’ as they maneuver between their Ferraris, yachts and mansions.


 Why are so many people concerned with stockpiling ‘stuff’, fancy bling that they think makes them bigger and better?

 I’ve got a bunch of friends from Keller Williams Realty (they are a speaking client of mine here in new England) who are currently down in the Houston area helping with the clean-up in several neighborhoods.

 According to my dear friend MaryBeth, there is one thing nearly ALL of them have in common: all their ‘stuff’ is piled up on the curb, ruined by flood and mud, waiting to be collected as garbage, regardless of price tag.

 Please don’t think I am saying we should not have cool, beautiful, expensive things.

 The message I wish more of us could understand is:

 Wouldn’t it be helpful to know WHY we want what we want, why we do what we do, and why we say what we say?

 This can help enhance ad strengthen the good things we are doing in this world, and maybe (hopefully) help some people realize that what they are doing and saying is not serving the world, or themselves.

 Go ahead, ask yourself “WHY?” a few times today.

 It might just make a great big difference in your life.

Oh Crap…I Gotta Go Relax! (Meditation Situation)

I own two businesses.

I spend too much time on social media.

I love 5-Hour Energy…and before you try to tell me that it’s going to kill me, let me remind you that the last person who told me that had to put down her cigarette to inform me.

This is why I truly appreciate my awesome friend Carlos Perez.

Carlos is as down-to-earth and ‘real’ as they come. He understands all the wiring that keeps the world flowing harmoniously…and can also tell me why my life blows up in sparks “when I touch these two wires together”.

In addition to being a chiropractor from way back, Carlos is also part of an incredible holistic health collective at the The River Guild in Concord NH.

Like I said, I’m busy.

You can add to that: often scattered, unfocused, occasionally lazy, unfocused, overwhelmed…and did I mention unfocused?

When I received Carlos’ invite (on social media, a pretty obvious place to find me) for a ‘Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Meditation’ session, I was confused.

Basically, I had no clue what a ‘chakra’ was.

Isn’t that the stuff you find in the produce section next to the asparagus?

Turns out that is ‘okra’…and mine is not out of alignment.

Chakras are basically the 7 centers of spiritual power in the human body (thank you, on-line dictionary).

As he does structurally as a chiropractor, Carlos and his River Guild friends can work wonders holistically as well.

I clicked ‘I Will Attend’ at the on-line event page on the day of the event, set an alert in my phone and went back to my crazy, unfocused yet super-busy day.

At 5:10pm, I was jarred from my social media coma by the alarm.

My first words: “Oh crap…I gotta go relax!”

Upon arriving, I shared that little ‘blurt’ with Carlos, and he loved it.

“You’d be surprised, brother, how many people do the same thing”, was his reply.

As a first-timer, unaware of what to expect, I decided to follow the others into the storage room for a pillow and a mat.

Despite doing my best to maintain a sense of “Oh yeah, I know exactly what this is all about”, I claimed a piece of ‘corner of the room’ real estate as my mind continued to race whiles Carlos opened with his intention for that night’s journey (I’m thinking “Wow, he’s gonna play a Journey song on the crystal bowls? I’d like to request anything except Don’t Stop Believin’, please!”).

This is the inherent danger of being a former radio personality and 24-year owner of a DJ company.

Slowly, the soothing sounds of the bowls met my mind at the crossroads.

I slowed down.

I relaxed.

I probably snored.

My most vivid memory of this event was a particular thought which was causing me stress. At the time, I was several months away from the single largest and (in my mind) most stressful speaking event I’d ever had on my schedule.

During the relaxation journey, I began to see myself confidently moving across the stage, perfectly engaged with my audience and, as we journeyed through each of the chakras, built myself a pretty dang powerful image of myself ROCKING that event, connecting seamlessly with the attendees and making my client (and my agent) very, very happy.

As the session drew to a close, I must have sat there for another 20 minutes, basking in the glow of the journey, feeling as though I’d just shed 80 pounds of stress (hey elliptical, wish YOU could help me lose weight so quickly!) and began to find strength in this NEW vision of my upcoming speaking event which, by the way, effortlessly matched the vision (even though several potential train-wreck moments actually did pop up while on-stage).

Essentially, expectation met outcome and gave each other a great big high-five.

I’ll admit, although I have always been fascinated by things like this, I’d never really been one for attending the events, though.

Too hocus-pocus, woo-woo and hippie for me?


But not anymore.

I have been to several of Carlos’ events since then, and each one has been an adventure.

Although I am still occasionally scattered, unfocused and hopelessly embedded in social media (hey, it’s how I share my message with the world), I take great joy in the fact that I now have a vehicle to help keep me grounded, to get back in alignment, to dig deep and get back to my relaxing roots to help the BEST of me come to life.

And when the day of each of Carlos’s events arrives, I still like to set my reminder so that I can have a good laugh as I jump up from my desk shouting: “Oh crap, I gotta go relax!”

And another Crystal Bowl Journey begins.

Go ahead. Get in alignment.

And don’t stop believin’.

Visualization + Daily Action​ = SUCCESS.

Too many people say: “If you can see it, you can be it!”

 That may be technically right, but I prefer to tack on this addendum (although it will pretty much take it beyond the character allotment for a bumper sticker:“If you can see it, great…now get off your butt and MAKE IT HAPPEN”.

 How do I know this is a difference-maker?

 I was one of those people who sat around dreaming up an awesome life…and not doing a damn thing about it.

 My early Vision Boards were littered with things that “might be cool to have” but did not inspire me enough to get off my butt and MAKE THEM HAPPEN.

 As a result, I felt like more of a worthless turd than when I started.

 The day that I took a spin on an old wooden roller coaster is the day that all changed.

That’s when I realized that having goals can be great, but that we need to create desired outcomes (in all areas of our lives) which motivate us to wake up every day and put in the effort to CLICK CLICK CLICK closer to the top of that first hill (after which we get to enjoy the fruits of our labors, powered by momentum).

 What we also need to do is surround ourselves with the right people who can educate, inform (or even just scream along and share the joy with us), the most enriching resources and a focused, deliberate mind.

 During a recent Vision Board coaching session with Jennifer (one of my incredible clients), I realized she was the perfect LIVING EXAMPLE of this process!

 How is Jennifer doing it? Click on the video above to hear how she is ROCKING her way to one of her biggest goals, one CLICK at a time.

 ‘Seeing’ something is good, but may not be enough to make it happen.

 Sometimes you need to put stickers in your shower, like Jennifer did.

 She’s a ROCK STAR at this, and you can learn from her…like I did.

 Look out, Serengeti…here she comes!

Candles and Kindness: Kerri’s Birthday Giving Mission!

My friend Kerri Sellers is a Goddess.

No, this does not mean she is a celestial being with a mailing address somewhere on Mount Olympus.

I’m pretty sure she lives in Massachusetts.

Being a Goddess is actually part of her job title.

Kerri is part of the amazing team of women (Goddesses) and men (Adoni) who populate the Athena’s Home Novelties company, a group of people with HUGE hearts based in America’s tiny state of Rhode Island (led by an amazing force for good, Mother Goddess Jennifer Jolicouer).

They just happen to be my BIGGEST speaking client (every January I lead my “Engaging Your WHY/Vision Board” event for their entire team, nationwide).

For her recent 45th birthday, Kerri opened her heart, and her social media pages (at the urging of her equally-awesome husband Aaron), to create a TIDAL WAVE of kindness, generosity and joy.

She called it #Kerris45Wishes…and it was amazing.

Far from making it all about herself, Kerri spent the day not only committing acts of kindness, but encouraging others to please do so…and post them on her social media pages.

Ideas were flying fast and furious, and I was tremendously honored that she tagged me with an idea I’d given her (which I learned from a grocery checkout clerk): putting quarters on gumball machines as a surprise for kids!

She also left quarters on the pony ride outside the store, and a small baggie of them at the laundromat, just in case someone needed a little extra drying time.

Here’s the most beautiful part of her birthday giving mission: friends and family all across the country were going out and intentionally sharing kindness on her behalf, tagging their posts with #Kerris45Wishes.

It was mind-blowing. It was joyful. And it was very, very REAL.

So many people see things like this happening and are so quick to say: “Kindness should be done anonymously and what she is doing is bragging, and it’s wrong.”

Here’s my view on that response.

The news and media outlets spend most of their days (and ours) sharing stories of the WORST that society has to offer.

I wish they would keep THAT to themselves.

I think it is helpful (and hopeful) to hear the GOOD THINGS that are happening in our communities which are JUST AS REAL as the bad.

Now, when people do these things and trumpet them in the news as a political ploy or to overcome something stupid scandal they caused, just to rebuild their reputations…that is different.

What Kerri did with her birthday was wave her kindness flag high and let it snap in the wind loudly enough for people to hear the battle-cry and take part in the celebration.

I read through many of the posts on her page, people sharing what she had inspired them to do.

They included:

  • a donation to the Red Sox Foundations’s Jimmy Fund
  • adding children’s books to a ‘Little Free Library’
  • giving a ride to someone who needed one
  • buying sidewalk chalk for a favorite neighborhood kid
  • posting a beautiful sunset photo to make a friend smile
  • paying for the lunch of a stranger

So, what simple act of kindness could YOU commit today?

If you really have it in your heart to do so, you can find a way…even ones that cost absolutely nothing (hold a door, call a friend to say hello, make someone smile).

Here’s how I see it: somewhere in the world today, it is somebody’s birthday.

Following Kerri’s lead, we can all commit a little kindness to honor those people.

Remember: the GOOD is just as real as the BAD.

Let’s make the GOOD noise even louder, shall we?

Thank you Kerri!

BONUS VIDEO: Are YOU ‘Priming the Pump’ for kindness, like Kerri is?
CLICK HERE to view.  

Are You Letting the World Hear YOUR Rock and Roll Music?

If you look up the word ‘influence’ in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Chuck Berry.

While he did not ‘invent’ rock and roll, he most definitely stomped through the music of the early-to-mid 50s with both feet, leaving his prints in the fertile wet cement of rock’s early days.

Drawing on the raw energy of the blues and the rhythmic swing of the big bands, (replacing the soaring horn section riffs with the strings of his guitar), Berry took what he heard around him and ‘brought it somewhere else’.

In the process, he became the man who launched a thousand bands and millions of fans.  


You’ve heard of the Beatles, The Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones, right?

You probably wouldn’t have, if Chuck Berry hadn’t plugged in and let it rip.

His style, his lyrics, his duck walk and his attitude all set him apart and inspired thousands of guitar players, the most successful of whom took his music and ‘brought it somewhere else’…just as he had with his influences.

If this was an article designed to simply praise this artist for his achievements, it could go on forever.

Instead, I will ask these simple questions:

Who were your influences?

What have they inspired you to do/create/share with the world?

How have you ‘brought it somewhere else’ with your own voice and style?

I hope you know your song and sing it to the world every day, just because someone needs to hear it…and because you love to sing it.

Will you make a difference?

You never can tell.

Sing and play anyway.

Hail, hail, rock and roll.

Colby’s Shovel BEATS the Storm!

Houston, we have a problem: Colby’s snowblower is broken.

Who is Colby?

Colby is a young man of thirteen who lives next door to my Mother-in-law (Keeper of Super Teddy).

After every storm so far this Winter this young man has been there in her driveway with his snowblower, as soon as the flakes stopped flying, to erase all the white fury that Mother Nature dished out.

Yesterday, however, he had bad news.

His snowblower was broken.

Now, when Ma Nature drops more than 12-inches of snow in your yard, and you only have about 9-inches of dog…you have a problem.

I won’t say that Super Teddy is spoiled, but he’s got a “Pee & Poop Path’ that circumnavigates the back yard like he’s running a marathon!

Plus, Teddy’s path always gets done BEFORE the driveway…it just does.

That tiny bladder can’t hold out forever, people.

When Tina’s mom called to tell me about Colby’s setback, I offered to come over and use our snowblower (can be a bit temperamental, but usually does the job) to finish.

When I arrived, anticipating the worst, I was pleasantly surprised.

Instead of shrugging off his duties and blaming the snowblower, this kid grabbed a shovel and busted his butt all the way around that yard so that Super Teddy could do his business!

For all the bashing that this younger generation gets on laziness and lack of ambition (some of whom truly deserve it), Colby just raised the bar.

My first comment to Tina’s mom: “That’s some good parenting in action, right there”.

Colby, thank you buddy!

Your snowblower may have broken down, but YOU didn’t.

You picked up a shovel and did the job you said you would do, giving Mother Nature the finger in the process (MY words not yours, I don’t want you to get in trouble for having a dirty mouth, ha ha).

As an adult, you just taught ME a lesson.

Some days we show up to work and not all of our tools are there to bail us out.

What we need to remember is to simply grab the best resources available to us, put our backs to it, and keep on shoveling through the mess.

Business professionals and entrepreneurs…are you hearing the lesson?

It’s there, and I just took it like a snowball to the face.

Well done, young man!