Were YOU a Hero Today?

Looking back a few weeks, the vision of passengers standing on the wings of a plane, floating in a freezing river, still shines brightly in my mind. Much has been said of the pilot (C.B. ‘Sully’ Sullenberger), including these words by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg:

“His brave actions have inspired people in this city and millions around the world.”

It is one thing to say he was ‘doing his job’, but to glide a jet with double-engine failure to a smooth water-landing and make two trips through the plane to be sure all passengers were out before he exited the aircraft is a bit more than that for me. In a moment when panic reigned supreme, he put the lives of 154 others ahead of his own.

Were you a hero today?

Did you put the needs, or the safety, of anyone else ahead of your own? Did you put a smile on someone’s face? Did you make the world a better place for a complete stranger?

If so, YOU might be a hero to someone who desperately needed one.

Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?


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