How Do You Sleep?

So, how did you sleep last night?

Perhaps you woke up to a loud vehicle passing by. Perhaps the music from the neighbors party ran beyond your town’s noise ordinance.

Perhaps something you did recently is not allowing you to sleep soundly.

The most valuable gift my parents gave me was the gift of ethics, values and morals.

In the news recently:

Two teenagers steal $164 from a 9-year old Girl Scout who was selling cookies.  Reason given: “Who doesn’t like money?”

A $15,000 motorized wheelchair is stolen form the concourse of a major league ballpark as its owner sat in the bleachers.  Foul!

Bernie Madoff admits to swindling investors for an estimated $50 billion.  That’s billion…with a ‘b’.

None of these actions were accidental. They were all brought to life by a human being making a conscious choice…a choice to go against the laws of society and worse, against the Golden Rule of “treating others as you would like to be treated”.

What choices did you make today?  What actions did you take?

How do you sleep?


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