Happy Anniversary. Count to 10. Pull the Ripcord!

Ran into an old friend this week. We worked together in the middle-years of my radio career, in the late 1990’s. He’s one of the good guys.

As we exchanged hearty handshakes and smiles, he told me he had recently celebrated his 25th anniversary at the radio station. Not 25 years in radio, but 25 years at the same..radio..station. For those not familiar with the industry, to accomplish this carries the same probability as being struck by lightning, while being bitten by a shark, on the same day you win the lottery.

He explained that, the day after his anniversary, he walked into work and looked around with a realization: he was just not ‘fired up’ about being there anymore. While he was very successful, the flame of passion for his job had been reduced to fading embers.

In his early 50’s, with a secure job (as secure as a job can be in the radio industry anyway), he decided to give his notice and make a change.

Something different. Something better. Something to re-ignite his passion.

He visited the boss’s office and shared his decision. He was asked what his plan was.  There wasn’t one.  He was encouraged to go back  to his office and think it over. He did, then returned to the boss’s office.  Same decision.

With the love and support of his family, several months later he packed up his office, shook hands all around and walked away from the place that had been his work  life until that moment.

Where many would have panicked: he lived, he breathed, he dreamed, he loved.

As he handed me his new business card, he smiled. He is now the Vice-President of a major-league local advertising agency.

I asked him if he is happy.

He is.

We should all be this happy

Paul, I am very proud of you.

Best wishes for continued success, my friend!

A note to you, the reader:  How happy are you at your current career? Is it merely ‘paying the bills’, or are you genuinely passionate? If not, what would you rather be doing, if money were no object? Is there a chance to begin making that  activity part of your life, even in a small way? No need to quit your current job to make a jump, but you can taste the juice of life today, and savor the flavor. It could be the best decision of your life…it you let it.

      More to come in a future blog. Please return soon.


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