Take Your Office Out of the Office

With the abundance of electronic gadgetry doing my work for me these days, I occasionally feel like I am not even needed, except to carry it all around. Sometimes the only thing keeping me at my desk is a feeling of guilt that, if I am not there, I am not ‘working’. Fear not, I can overcome this quickly.

As the warmer weather arrives, I am already plotting my escape to a place I like to refer to as my ‘waterfront office property’. Before you imagine my Ferrari being valet parked at a high glass tower overlooking crystal blue Caribbean waters, think again.
I will be pulling my Honda CR-V in the visitors lot, paying a small fee and walking to the edge of a lake or the ocean.  No fancy-schmancy mahogany office furniture here, it has been replaced by a blanket and small umbrella. The patter of footsteps are not those of my co-workers, but of by people walking their dogs, bikes, children, etc.

My favorite conference call last Summer was interrupted by a client asking ‘what the noise was’ in the background. Well…it was a duck, who was apparently very intersted in the granola bar perched atop my briefcase. He paced back and forth, squawking louder than the Aflac duck in desperation (he didn’t get any).  

I once spent 20 minutes watching a dog swimming after sticks in the water, refusing his owner’s orders to ‘come in, we have to leave!”. Big smiles all around. At the time, I was ‘working’, writing chapters for my new book.

How about you?

Are you willing to break the bonds and take your office ‘out of the office’?

Is there a special place you enjoy, where you can set up shop for the day? It’s a feeling that cannot be beat, whether it’s in your back yard, at the beach or the top of a mountain.

Will take take YOUR office ‘out of the office’?


  1. Steve, I absolutely am!! That is one of the advantages of having a laptop and a smart phone, so I am definitely going to take your advice and move my office outdoors on the back deck, for a bit. It isn’t quite as scenic as the waterfront but it will do! Love the post!

  2. I love doing this too Steve… I have a netbook and an internet stick so I often sit outside and work away!! There is something so lovely about sitting outside feeling the sun, the breeze and hearing the birdsong while dealing with client requests ;).

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