Long Live Captain Chaos!

Sadly, as I got on-line this afternoon, I was greeted with the news that Dom DeLuise had left us at the age of 75. A big man, with comedic talent that dwarfed his hefty physique.

In my younger days, many laughs were shared with family and friends watching him in such movies as History of the World Part I, Smokey and the Bandit II and my favorite of all his projects:  Cannonball Run.

In this comedic-talent tour de force, he played the goofy sidekick Victor to Burt Reynolds’ in-control JJ. Lurking inside DeLuise’s character, however, loomed a superhero who occasionally surfaced, bringing with him a plethora of power, confidence and blind devotion to helping others.

With a mighty “Dun dun Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!”, Captain Chaos would spring forth, complete with cape and black nylon mask tightly drawn over his head and eyes, allowing Victor to become stronger, drive faster and always win one for the good guys.

While his dedication to helping others eventually cost his team the championship in the cross-country Cannonball race, it was well worth it (to him) as he proudly proclaimed: “JJ…I saved that woman’s dog!”

He did the right thing, as the loss of material reward, because it was the right thing.

Is there a little bit of Captain Chaos inside you? Do you put aside your earthly desires and weaknesses on occasion to do what is right, because it is right?

Can you find imperfections in your personality that you wish you could change? Perhaps it is time to create your own internal superhero who can show up to save the day for yourself or someone else who desperately needs to be saved.

Think about it. You could be a hero to someone…right now.

Thank you Dom DeLuise for sharing your talents and gift for laughter with us all.

Rest in peace, Captain Chaos!


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