And the Skies Are Not Cloudy All Day

Ahhhh, Springtime in New England. As I take my favorite window seat in a diner overlooking the scenic shore of Lake Champlain, I realize I am on the wrong side of the glass: the IN-side.

As nice as it is in this diner, I wish to be at the lake’s edge, on a porch swing, enjoying my ‘waterfront office space”.

Alas, it is overcast today, and drizzling frequently, as it has been doing for two days, and will continue to be doing for at least one more, according to the local weather reporter.

Does this slow me down, or relegate me to a day spent under the covers, praying for sunshine?


I’m wearing a big smile, feeling the warmth of an imaginary sun as I write this blog entry. I love to write, and that is the source of today’s sunshine for me.

We all face some cloudy days in life. It happens…and when it does, it can help us to appreciate the sunny ones even more. It is what we choose to do with these cloudy days that makes all the difference.

Do you crumble and hide every time a cloud comes into your ‘personal’ sky?

It is up to each of us to get moving and find the sunshine in each day. I have known people who actually preferred cloudy days. Whenever the sun decided to cast a warm ray their way, they actually sought out the comforting shadow of a cloud. That way, they could complain that the sun never shone upon them.

Me? I love the sun. I love to bask in the glow of great happenings, and I invite as many people as I can to enjoy the sunshine as well. And if a cloud happens to come along, we simply pick up our stuff and find the next bright spot. Some days it can be challenging, but it’s out there, just waiting for you to make the effort to push past the clouds.

Where are you standing, right now?

Are you withering under a dark cloud, or dancing in your own personal sunshine?



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