When Motivation Meets Feng Shui

Hello all,

As part of a BlitzTime.com networking session last week, I enjoyed a wonderful phone conversation with talented artist and Feng Shui master Lidia Scher. We discussed how people often seek improvement in their personal lives, reaching out for books, DVD’s, seminars and other recordings. However, they often fail to realize that their physical surroundings are an integral part of the ‘improvement’ process. As a result, I will share the following account with you. I hope you will find her as inspiring as I did.

Thank you Lidia!

It is my pleasure to include talented people such as yourself in my blogs.


“Last week I connected with interior designer & Feng Shui master Lidia
Scher. She reminded me of how the art & science of Feng Shui is in fact a
practical way to arrange a home and office that will enhance relationships,
work flow, health and prosperity. Lidia and I discussed the advantages of
incorporating these ancient principles when considering a renovation,
remodeling, repainting, and/or even prior to buying and selling property,
because they can greatly enhance the design/build team and give owners and their property a new lease on life. She explained that a layout of a home or office provides hidden clues to the success of people’s life and career,
because when you select a space to live and/or work in it, you do so based
on your current thinking and feeling patterns. These patterns are a combination of your passion, your attitude, your goals and your beliefs. You may have discovered that in order to succeed you need to come up with smarter goals and you are eager to implement them. Yet if your environment has been arranged based on your former thinking patterns, your chances of succeeding with your new efforts are greatly dimished. Understanding how to tweak the space to support your new thinking may yield amazing results. Thus, she states that there are no management systems, marketing efforts, or client-centered practices that can be sustained without a supportive environment.

Lidia Scher is an award-winning interior designer, an accomplished visual
artist and Feng Shui master. She has been at the helm of L.A.S. Associates,
an interior and architectural design firm based in Arlington, MA for the
past 23 years. Her specialty is dental and medical environments where
occupants love to be in work in and return to day after day. She is also a
partner in Virtual dental Solutions, a web-based consulting company to the
dental community.

L.A.S. ASSOCIATES -www.lasassociates.net
Integrated Interior & Architectural Design with Feng Shui Principles
Dental & Medical Office Design * Feng Shui Consultations & Educational
Programs with Certified Feng Shui Professionals* Optimal Space Planning
Art Studio- www.lidiascherart.com
Original Art * Custom Art & Furniture

PO BOX 750001, Arlington Heights, MA 02475
VX 781.643.2758 * FX 781.777.1139 
Visit Lidia on Facebook, linkedin and www.e-dds.com


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