All It Takes Is a Little Heart

At a recent Toastmasters Conference in New Brunswick, I had the chance to hear a young speaker named Mark R. W. Black. He was scheduled to present during lunchtime. Not recognizing his name, or knowing his topic, I nearly bolted for the door with the promise of a 3-piece order of the Colonel’s Original Recipe on my mind.

It was the best trip I never made. KFC’s $6.00 loss was a priceless gain for me.

As a professional speaker, I was humbled. As a compassionate human being, I rejoiced in the laughter and tears, hopes and dreams of his presentation. Without giving away too much, let me say this: medically speaking, he should not be here. Bottom line. His life is a miracle, and he is now dedicated to sharing that miracle with the world, to explain that we all have miracles within us, just waiting to happen.

After lunch, I had the incredible honor of trading a $20 bill for an autographed copy of his book “Live Life From the Heart”. Another wise investment.

How is your life? Year? Month? Week? Day???

Are you creating your own miracle and sharing it with the world? If not, take a good, hard look into your own heart. There is one there, with building blocks made up of the many gifts you have been given as a truly unique individual.

It just needs you to reach for it, take it by the hand, add a whole lot of heart, and take it for the ride of a lifetime.

You just never know who you might inspire. Maybe even yourself.

What is your miracle?


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