“Every Day Above Ground…(don’t say it!!)

I am a motivational speaker.

It is what I choose to do, and be.

There, I said it.

However, this does not mean that I am always ‘on‘. Therefore, please do not be surprised when I wince and roll my eyes if you ever decide to inform me that “every day above ground is a GREAT day!!”.

There are two predominant types of people in the world:

1) Optimistic (those who favor a more positive point of view)

2) Pessimistic (those who favor a more negative point of view)

I am okay with either of them. At least I know where you stand. I can respect that you have your reasons for being either one.

There is a third type of person, one that is too exuberant even for me (and did I mention I am a motivational speaker?). These are the people who are just too happy, wearing their ruby slippers a bit too often.

To them, I generally provide the following information:

I was above ground the day my ex-wife and I got divorced (not a great day).

I was above ground 2 weeks later when I realized I was $65,000 in debt (another bad day)

I was above ground as I watched one of my best friends die of cancer at the age of 23 (I was 24 and, 17 years later, it still ranks as one of the worst days of my life).

I do not reveal these things to be a downer, or sound pessimistic. These were days of my life that I dealt with. No ruby slippers. No ear-to-ear grin that wiped away reality.

I’ll lay it right out there: those days sucked.

But, here is where my optimistic self shines through: what I did with these days is where the magic happened. They all taught me a lesson. They have all led to realizations, and better days.

While every day is not necessarily a great day, each one has the seeds of greatness within it somewhere. Some days it takes a long, hard look to find even one good thing. Some days it may seem impossible.

From my failed marriage, I learned that communication is key to a relationship.

From the debt, I learned you have to keep your eyes on the money and not make stupid choices (which I had done).

From my friend’s death, I learned that life is too short to not take a shot at your dreams (he was the person who convinced me to follow my dreams of being in radio, and he died 2 weeks after I got my first job).

Every day carries with it the opportunity to make a great day.

The key is: opportunity. Seek it. Find it. Create it.

I believe there is at least one, every day, if we can just care enough to discover it.

It may the chance for a better job or more money, a great connection with someone special, even a smile for/from a complete stranger.

Who knows? You might just be the opportunity (for a great day) that someone else desperately needs today.

It starts with being aware…and that can start today.

It’s your choice. It is out there, waiting for you. Are you willing to find it?


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