GPS and the Road of Life

If you own a GPS unit, you understand that if you do not know where you are going, you will never know if you have arrived.

Last week I received an amazing phone call. It was from my good friend Amy Tee. She is a stand-up comedian. If you haven’t of her yet, no worries…you will. In the meantime, you can find her at

She was most recently in Florida, performing several shows.

I have known Amy for over 5 years. We met when I started in comedy. She had begun 6 months prior. As soon as I met Amy, I knew she would be going places.

When she and her Mom attended one of my motivational seminars a few years ago, Amy brought the only needed materials for her Vision Board: her dreams for happiness and success.

If you are interested in constructing a Vision Board for your own life, here are the pictures you may wish to include:

1) things you would like to have
2) places you would like to go
3) people whom you’d like to meet
4) words and pictures that describe the type of person you wish to be in the world

The road of life is long, and has many forks and turns. If you are not sure exactly where you wish to end up, you could wind up in a dead-end or stuck in an endless loop of off-ramps, never committing to a single one.

Basically, in GPS-speak, you will spend an unfulfilled lifetime ‘RE-CALCULATING’.

The outer edge of Amy’s board was framed with the names of the many cities whe wished to perform in. She has already knocked off several of them. Her dreams of having her own sitcom have led her to connections with producers and other industry people in Los Angeles.

Although Amy has had several GPS units stolen from her vehicle (gotta hide those things honey), her internal GPS remains well-focused on her destination. And nobody can steal that one, or change the destination.

How is your personal GPS?

Are you focused on your final destinations, with updates that remind you of how close you are getting?

Or are you constantly RE-CALCULATING?



  1. Steve,

    Your words inspire me and make me feel so wonderful that I am right where I am suppose to be. What is happening to me is exactly what is suppose to happen to me at precisely the right time. If I ever think differently I have the power to create what ever I want at any time I want. The power we possess with the right attitude! The world is our stage to perform and prepare us for the eternal. The destination is forever. Will you love the final outcome? Everyday I think of that which I am creating and focus on just that.

    All the best life has to offer you,


  2. Steve, you mention us having an internal GPS. I like to call it my EGS – Emotional Guidance System. I ask myself, “Where are my emotions with regard to my relationship?” That will tell me where I am heading. “Where are my emotions as far as my career is concerned?” That will tell me if I am heading in the right direction.

    The Law of Attraction is all about emotional energy. What type of emotional energy are you emitting? Positive or negative. It is a great guidance system.

    Thanks for the post. It is a great reminder to keep focused on the dream. I love vision boards; they are very powerful.

    Be well and…
    Make it a great day!
    Steve Uhlenbrock

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