How Many Clouds are in Your Sky?

(transcribed from rain-soaked notes written on Tuesday June 30th)

At the time of this writing, June 2009 is coming to a close. I believe I can count this month’s sunny days on one hand. Five days of sunshine, out of a possible thirty.

Funny how I have seen the weather affecting people. Some have been dancing in puddles, some have been slightly depressed…some have been downright cranky, as though the rainy weather has banished their solar-powered smiles and good moods to a distant galaxy far, far away.

Even today, as I sit on a park swing at the edge of Lake Champlain, I hear varied responses to an approaching mass of clouds.

Thus far:

“Uh-oh, more clouds. This picnic will never happen.”
     “Sweet, another day I don’t have to paint the house.”
          “I have f*****g HAD IT with this weather!!!”

This last one came from a very unhappy looking businessman, cruising the boardwalk during his lunch break, angrily barking into his Blackberry.

Moments later, the first raindrops came. A crowded lakefront walkway quickly became a lot less crowded. Not knowing how long the rain would last, I slid to the end of the bench, beneath the protective leaf-covered branches of a tree, locking my legs in a standing position as I held the swing back, taking advantage of a dry spot.

The rain shifted from drizzle to downpour. There were just three of us left in the area, laughing as we watched people scrambling to shove their picnic supplies and lawn chairs, some still unfolded, into their cars.

The rain stopped. A few people returned. The rain started again.

“This day is officially ruined” murmured a couple as they ran for their car.

“Told you it would start again”, complained a child to his mother. “Make it stop!”

I leaned back again and invited another damp soul to share the dry area beneath the tree.

After a few drops hit her, she ran for the protective overhang of a nearby bus terminal, getting completely soaked in the process.

I had to laugh to myself, but not just because I was the only person left.

The reactions to the rain reminded me of many peoples’ reactions to the challenges of everyday life.

Some people need only see one cloud on the horizon to abandon their plans and head for home.

Some love to find something to enjoy every day, even if it is dancing in puddles like a kid at play.

Some are just cranky, no matter what the weather (this is true, I have heard them).

Take a look up for a moment.

Are there a few clouds up there? If so, are they causing you to abandon your plans, or are you enjoying the shade they provide as you go about your day?

Are you willing and able to adapt, doing “the best you can with what you’ve got”, knowing that you cannot control the world around you, only your reaction to it?

How many clouds are in your sky today?


One comment

  1. Steve,

    Some times I feel we are the minority in this life of being optimist. That we want people to see what is really going on. The rain is just one thing that people use to power there negativity. Is the master plan to be happy? To see what we can find as fun and meaningful in these times in life when we are looking for what is wrong? Instead we should be on the look out for what is right and wonderful. We have so much to marvel at and be in a state of true Bliss. Life is so amazing, the clouds of life come in and teaches us to find the wonder. If you are always looking for wonder you find it. When you are looking for what is not the way it should be to you then every day is just another rainy day!

    Your friend Steve:)

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