Playing Dodgeball With the Devil

I recently enjoyed a conversation with a friend about how we can benefit by being moral, acting ethically, and surrounding ourselves with good people and situations.

We also discussed how people who do the opposite generally stand a higher chance of experiencing misfortune.

Case in point: a newspaper report of a woman in a position of ‘responsibility’ with her job, who was caught dipping her fingers in the company funds, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

What were the emergencies this money was used for?

Travel, her daughter’s wedding, paying bills, etc.

My opinion of this?

She, and others like her, are playing dodgeball with the devil. Do I think the earth is going to open up and she will fall into a fire-pit of eternal damnation? Not quite. But, I believe in karma. I believe that the energy a person puts out there into the world will ‘come back’ on him/her in life…sometimes sooner, sometimes later.

I describe it as a boomerang. Throw positive energy out there every day, generally positive results occur. Throw it out there with negative energy: deception, theft, criminal acts…guess what happens: you will likely receive some negative energy of your own in return. And when it happens, I do not want to hear about how unfair life is. Wahhhhhh.

You see them out there. I see them, and hear them, too. Wow, are they whiny!

“The world is so unfair to me. My life stinks. Nothing good ever happens for me.”

Is it so hard to bring even the slightest bit of positivity to the world around you?

A simple gesture such as holding a door open for someone, making a friend laugh, or helping a neighbor out can be generating positive returns in the karma bank. Do it every day and the numbers can ratchet up faster than the National Debt clock…but in a good way.

So what do you feel like doing today? Tossing a boomerang with positive energy or playing dodgeball with the devil?

It’s your choice. And if you make the wrong one, I suggest you look over your shoulder and duck now and then. Because that ball is coming.

P.S. To the person who stole the GPS from my car last week…you’ve got a big ol’ karma target shining on your forehead.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha…

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