Give It Some Gas!

In a conversation with a close friend this week, I mentioned how some people never seem to take action in their lives. They will spend forever outfitting themselves with the best accessories, dreaming of how great their life will be (or could be)…yet they never pull the trigger and make something happen.

The excuses I have heard (and yes, used myself) include “when I get my new business cards, when I get that new suit, when I lose that 20 pounds, when I have more money, blah blah blah”.

This is the equivalent of having a car and waiting to drive it until it has a new paint-job, the best accessories, is vacuumed out, shiny new tires, etc.”

Does the car run? Is it operable? If so, turn that key and give it some gas!

Is your life running? (hint: if you are reading this, it is).

Sitting in the breakdown lane of life is no way to enjoy it. People are blowing past you, on their way to something great, leaving you in the dust, literally and figuratively.

Does your life have a few dings in it? Maybe a couple of rusty spots? Got a headlight out?

So what?

Vehicles were made to be driven.  Lives were made to be lived.

Get yours out there, and give it some gas!


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