Saving the World With a Slingshot

I am very proud to live in New Hampshire for many reasons.

We have it all: four seasons of interesting weather, easy access to beaches and mountains, spectacular fall foliage and a ‘social contributor’ in Dean Kamen, visionary head of DEKA Research.

In addition to the Segway and many other contributions, Kamen’s latest project (10 years in the making) is the Slingshot, which is capable of turning contaminated water, even raw sewage, into pure, healthy drinking water.

One drawback: the current cost of assembly. Each unit taps out at several hundred thousand dollars to build.

Perhaps if government coffers were overflowing with ‘Cash for Clean Water’ stimulus money (clunker-free), life would be simpler (this is as political as I will get, I promise).

In Kamen’s own words (according to “The biggest challenge right now between this being a dream and a reality is getting committed people that really care about the state of the world’s health to get involved”.

The goal is not to make as much money possible, as quickly as possible, with justification that the product can serve people well. For Kamen, helping others is paramount.

Where are you in the equation of saving the world? Are you searching for ways to help those who cannot help themselves, without your first thoughts drifting to the bean-counters of Corporate America? Or are you looking to cash in, even just emotionally, on the suffering of others?

Is there one action you can take today, this week or in the fading months of this year, to make the world a better place?

Perhaps you can unite a team of people marching in the same direction, with similar dedication and care in their hearts, to make the world a better place for all its inhabitants, without thought to a balance sheet. 

Where do you see yourself needed?

With whom can you align your dedication and resources?

How will you take action?


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