Never Let the ‘Nays’ Wreck Your Days

All right, I know…I just became one of those motivational speakers who uses rhymes to make a point. In my defense, I was trying to create an affirmation that you, my reader, can use to protect yourself from negative people.

I have been sharing some Social Networking messages with friends who are suffering from negative clouds drifting into their dream skies. For many, the mere sharing of a thought  or goal is quickly blotted by dark clouds, complete with planes towing banners containing the words “You CAN’T do that, you SHOULDN’T do that”, etc.

Throughout my eighteen years of entrepreneurial endeavors, I have had numerous people try to rain on my parade. Can I say that I have always protected myself from the storm?     No.  There are days I have let others dump all over my dreams, causing me to doubt my own thoughts and goals.

Have you ever seen similar storm clouds?  Are you seeing them right now?

I found a way to eliminate most of them. I now subscribe to a different weather report. How did I do this?  I changed the channel and found new people who report sunnier skies.

Essentially, I have managed to surround myself with more positive people who are willing to support me and offer advice on how to give strength and direction to my dreams.

And, as I have done this, I have noticed those who felt the need to dump on my dreams have managed to find new skies to darken, as mine have become brighter.

Their own personal skies are none too calm as well, as they consistently fail to improve their own lot of life, all the while complaining about the rain.

Do you have dark clouds looming on your horizon, just waiting to unleash their fury upon your sunshine? Even if it is someone whom you must encounter every day, you do not have to ‘allow’ that person to do this to you.

You have the right, and the power (if you wish to use it), to change the channel and discover a much better forecast.

Try it today.

You might just find a whole new network of people to brighten your skies!



  1. Excellent post Steve! I personally enjoy a sunny calm forecast and occasionally I will notice some storm clouds on the horizon – I appreciate now that I can see them far enough away to be able to steer myself around or away from any storminess ;).

  2. I can totally relate to this post Steve. I have experienced the ‘rain on my parade’ so many times. But instead of allowing it to drown out my dream completely I can now see that those people who are so pessimistic have their own issues.
    My life is much sunnier now that I keep around those who are going to encourage and support me!

  3. Such an uplifting post Steve! I have chosen to limit my time with negative influences. At one time, my life was filled with them. I have had to chose to spend less time with some family members as well as some of the people I used to call friends. They are in a different space, and that’s ok..Its just not for me 🙂

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