Tell Me Somethin’ Good!

As that Rufus & Chaka Khan song played in the car this past weekend, I had to laugh. It reminded of my early days in radio as a copywriter and production director.  I’d be walking the halls and suddenly, around the corner, an exasperated salesperson would emerge, paperwork in hand.

As I noticed the petrified look in their eyes, I used to sing:

“Tell me somethin’ good, tell me that you love me, yeah!”

Far too often, a knock at my office door was bad news, especially Monday mornings at 7:58, just before the sales meeting began.

We all hear bad news every day, don’t we? With the challenges of the economy, health care and the job market, it seems we can’t escape the dark clouds that the media, and those around us, have decided to hand out free with the dawn of every new day.

In case you haven’t heard, there are great things happening in this world, and in your home town, every day. You’ll find them at the end of the local newscast, or buried in the back section of the newspaper.

There are also many positive people who paths cross yours every day.

Perhaps you can reach out to one of these people today and share something positive. Create the expectation that, whenever you meet, a positive word or thought is a great place to start.

Want to create a smile and a great memory? Sing the song, loudly and proudly, as they approach. Then tackle the task at hand.

If life has a soundtrack, let yours be dominated by this song’s powerful, positive message:

“Tell me somethin’ good, tell me that you love me, yeah!”





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