Swing Batter, Batter, Batter…Swing!

As Major League Baseball’s regular season ended this past weekend, I felt that one final tribute to the Boys of Summer would be fitting. There are so many life lessons to be learned from America’s pastime.  You know, ones that do not involve spitting, scratching or (the one which drives my mom crazy)…adjusting.

The biggest lesson I learned from baseball, which has stuck with me from my Little League days, is this: you can’t get a hit with the bat sleeping on your shoulder.

This season, I enjoyed watching many end-of-game heroics capping off mammoth comebacks. You know, the ones that many so-called ‘fans’ heard on their car radios after they left early to ‘beat the rush’ out of the parking lot.  

Two outs,  three balls, two strikes, down by several runs with the bases loaded, a pitcher staring down the batter…and crack!  Whether the ball cleared the fences, or shot through a gap, the winning runs scored because the batter, and his teammates, hustled and did not give up. 

How is your team doing in the game these days? From what I have seen and heard, many have hit the showers early, giving up and calling it a day due to darkness, stormy weather, or worse: a self-imposed ‘mercy’ rule (in which they have been scored against so often, they just ‘gave up’).

No matter what the score is, please remember this: you cannot get a hit (i.e. create success) unless you stay up there at the plate, swinging away. You may foul a few off. You may miss a few. But, your pitch is coming. Wait for it, keep your eye on the ball, and swing with all you’ve got.

And when it happens, take off full-speed with every step…until the winning run crosses the plate and you, your teammates and your fans celebrate the victory!


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