Keep Digging, the Gold is There!

As much as I prefer to not watch the TV news (where tragedy is compounded by flashy special effects and dramatic music), I will admit that I do still read my local  newspaper…selectively.  Generally, I start from the back page, because that is where the ‘human interest’ stories appear. For those unfamiliar with that term: it means the entertaining, fun people of the world.

They are the ones who rob a gas station and get caught because their getaway car ran out of gas, who construct a 16-ton ball of rubber bands, who play the trumpet for 218 hours straight to set a world record, and so on.

Also sprinkled far from the front page disaster-zone are the golden members of society. These are the people I admire most. While they are too positive for the front page, and not flashy (read: weird) enough for the back page, they are my favorites.

They are the passing motorists who save someone from a  burning vehicle, the local contractors who build a wheelchair ramp for a local woman who had been unable to leave her home, and the Boy and Girl Scouts who collect enough food to keep the local Soup Kitchen open.

These are my golden nuggets!

Where are you in the pages of your local paper?

Are you screaming doom and gloom on the front page?

Are you hanging in the freak-flag flotilla of the back page?

Or are you nestled with the golden nuggets on the pages in between, adding positive energy to your community?


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