Fire Up the Change Machine!

“We must become the change we want to see.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

As you roll out of bed at the dawn of a new week, go over your checklist.

Brush teeth?  Check!

Drink orange juice?  Check!  (ugh, should have done this FIRST!)

Start complaining because today is Monday?   Check?

Hmmmmm…how many of us will begin this new week by grumbling about everything that is wrong in the world, at home, at work?  How many of our problems grew even bigger over the weekend, and are waiting to dig their claws into us as we cross the threshold into a new day?

I’ve got a friend who reminds me every Sunday:  “Tomorrow is Monday…and Mondays suck“.  This person has a long list of things wrong with the world, and the workplace.

What he doesn’t understand is this: complaining about the problem and not taking action to resolve it only adds more negative energy.  He is feeding the monster, not defeating it! 

At times, I’ll bet we are all been guilty of this. We are human. It’s okay.

However, today is a new day, and we can head out the door with a new approach, if we really want to.

Got a complaint on your mind?  If not, just look at your local paper. Pick one situation with which you are unhappy, and decide to take even one little action toward improving it. 

Did someone vandalize a local business?  Offer to help the owner repair the damage.

Got a problem with a co-worker? Perhaps a discussion with your boss, or HR, could clear the air and create a better office environment.

Dissatisfied with local political leaders? Sit in on a town meeting and voice your opinion, calmly and rationally.

As Gandhi said in the above quote, it is up to us to create the change we wish to see.

You have the opportunity to initiate that change. Somewhere out there, someone is secretly wishing that you will strike that first spark.

Are you willing to take that step, and become the change you want to see?


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