At Your Service, Planet Earth!

Every day, no matter where you are, you have an opportunity to bring value to the world.  With so much negative energy being showcased in the media, it can be tough to crowbar some positive energy into the mix.

But, it is there…and you can be on the front line, making it happen.

During a recent trip to Panera Bread in Manchester NH, I saw my friend Brianne (a wonderful staff member) escorting an older gentleman to his car. She introduced him as her friend Eddie. He is 96 years old. Every day he drives himself to Panera to get a coffee and read his newspaper. And every day, Brianne walks him to his car when he is ready to leave.

If I had to venture a guess, I’d be willing to bet that the Panera Handbook does not include this in the tasks for which an employee is paid. Brianne does it because that is the type of employee she is. She adds value to someone’s life, every time I see her.

No matter where we live and work, we all have the opportunity to create such value, to off-set a negative (somewhere in the world) with a positive contribution of our own.

What can you do?

It is late Fall here in New England.

Is there an elderly resident in your neighborhood for whom you could rake leaves?

Is there a military family in your town with one or both parents fighting to protect our freedom overseas?

Would you be willing to help out someone less fortunate this year so that their children could still believe in the magic of the holidays? 

Perhaps you could offer to help out in some way.

The list is endless, and so simple.

All it takes is a little heart, and the decision to make a difference…today.

One comment

  1. Hey Steve,

    I hope it’s alright, (and I’m thinking it is) I’ve been reading some of your blogs.. really good stuff and I appreciate all that you do. Bringing value to the World every day, although a difficult task, it’s not insurmountable. Thank you for the reminder. I’m energized yet again to get out there and encourage others! (like the energizer bunny, I’ll just keep going….)

    Peace & Joy to you.


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