Lessons in Life, from a Very Funny Man

Early this morning, as I began climbing Mt. Facebook after 2 days away, I saw a handful of posts which made me sad. Kevin Knox, a legendary Boston comic, lost his half-decade battle with cancer during the night.

Kevin was a guy whom I’d seen many times over the last 17 years. While we never hung out together, I was on several shows which he hosted at the Comedy Connection. My favorite memory of those nights: no matter how neatly I hand-printed my name, he ALWAYS got it wrong when he brought me on-stage (and he always apologized, with a crazy laugh).

Despite today’s sad news, I am happy, and thankful, for the gift of his presence. 

It is hard to think of Kevin and not crack into a smile. The guy was electric.

He could create laughter from nothing, with just his energy and manic personality. 

We all have the opprtunity to create laughter for others. You don’t have to headline in Vegas, you don’t have to have your own TV show…you just need the right attitude, and the understanding that life offers us many, many things to laugh at.

Every time Kevin returned to better health after his treatments, he came back on fire. He stared life in the face and gave it hell every time he took the stage. He shared his support for up-and-coming comics,  and he earned his spot among Boston Comedy legends.

I shared a phone conversation with another great Boston comic and friend this afternoon. We talked about how lucky we are to do what we do for a living, and how some people are just miserable, every day. They hate their lives, but won’t do anything about it. And many of them just love to bring everyone else down around them. They dream of some bright future way off in the distance, but won’t make an effort to enjoy the journey, not realizing that their choice of road may never get them there.

Where is your life going?  Are you enjoying the journey?  Hey, not every day above ground is a great day, but can you find a little something to smile about, even for a minute? Can you make someone else laugh, to give them a shot at a better day? They might desperately need it.

If you can, then you’ve found the way to create magic moments. Create as many as you can, and light the path for yourselves and those around you.

Rest in peace, Kevin.

Thank you for showing us all how to laugh, and how to do it even in the face of serious challenges.

Thanks for the many great comedy memories (when you’re s***faced, the road is GIGANTIC!!).

Thank you for the lessons you taught us all, about comedy and about life.

The world was a much funnier place for you being here.


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