Can You Still SPELL Resolution?

Happy (almost) New Year, you made it!

Wait, what is that piece of paper under the lamp?  Let’s take a closer look.

 Uh-oh, it’s your list of resolutions from last year. Yup, there’s the date right there at the top, next to the doodles and salsa stain. Let’s see: lose weight, get in shape, spend quality time with the family, eat more home-cooked meals, paint the house, get the driveway resealed, keep the car clean. Wow, you had one heck of a year, huh? On paper.

 Long list. No checkmarks. Stuck in the starting gate…again.

 Before you subject it to a long, arcing toss into the trash, think again. There is nothing wrong with the list. There is nothing wrong with you. Still want to accomplish these goals? You can have them. You just need a better strategy. You need to get S.M.A.R.T.

 Specific: what do you want to do exactly

Measurable: can you keep track of your progress?

Attainable: can it be done?

Realistic: are you willing to work hard enough? 

Timely: what is your target date of completion?

 Let’s discuss weight. How many pounds would you like to lose in the coming year?  (my number is close to 30)

Is that number feasible, in a healthy way? Are you willing to work hard enough to make it happen? How long do you want it to take?

 As with any meaningful undertaking, you may wish to seek the help of professionals whether you are losing weight, keeping the car clean, resealing the driveway or painting your home. Why go it alone? There are companies out there who are passionate about helping you (nutritionists, trainers, car washes, sealers, painters). If you let them do their part, you will have more time for that other dream: more quality time with your family.

 You have 24 hours in each of the 365 days this year. We all do.

Brainstorm steps you can take day by day, week by week, month by month, to drive your dreams to completion.

Commit to them.

Follow through!

You might just AMAZE yourself, and inspire someone else who can’t quite find the strength to make it happen for themselves.



  1. Timely, appropriate, and extremely well written. You will find it ironic because I discuss a similar topic on Wednesday in my next blog post. I am going to link to this article because I like your style and message. I am also going to leave you with a quote which ties into the New Year Resolutions theme:

    “Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.”– Don Marquis

    It is time to make this year different than ever before by holding ourselves accountable in order to induce a paradigm shift in our lives…2010 WILL BE DIFFERENT!

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