That Someone is Y-O-U!

How often do we stare at the TV during a news broadcast on something going ‘wrong’ in the world, only to call out to a family member: “Someone should do something about that!”

Have you ever driven past an object in the road, only to exclaim: “Someone should move that before it causes an accident”.

How many times have we seen someone in need of help, only to think: “Someone should help that person!”

The next time you say or think one of these things, or similar, please consider doing this: find a mirror and repeat it out loud, while pointing at your reflection.

While you may not be able to travel halfway around the world to help in times of disaster, would you be willing to help someone locally who has been the victim of a storm, fire or criminal act?

Could you safely pull over and remove an object from the road, before it poses a threat to someone else?

Are you willing to help someone who is in need of a warm meal?

How many opportunities are there in our own home towns to add ourselves to the ‘helping’ equation?

Some will only require a moment of your time (moving a branch or trash can out of the road). Some are as simple as volunteering one night per week to feed the hungry at a local shelter (which also serves as an OUTSTANDING way to teach your children the value of giving).

Perhaps there is a family of a local serviceman or -woman who could use some assistance with yardwork, baby-sitting, snow-shoveling, etc. Not sure where to look? Visit your town hall, or a local church, and ask for the names of a local military family.

For every point of a finger, saying “Someone should do something”, there is an opportunity for YOU to be that person.

Think of the mirror. Think of the opportunity. Think of the example you are setting. Think if the impact on those you are helping.

In their hearts, a message is being played:

“I am so thankful SOMEONE did something to help”


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