You May as Well Be One of the Good Guys!

Taking advantage of some free time today, I spent my lunch hour in front of the TV watching one of the many “Caught on Video” shows. It struck me as funny just how stupid some of our home-grown criminals can be. Do other countries deal with as many idiots as we seem to have?

Within 20 action-packed minutes, I observed:

1)  Five teens stealing a car, only to crash it into a house (and get caught)

2) A highly intoxicated man kicking the officer who pulled him over

3) A 16-year-old male holding up a store with a 22-caliber rifle, only to realize he forgot to put bullets in the gun. Reaching into his pockets, he realized he brought the wrong ones. Several store patrons managed to wrestle him to the ground.

In each of these situations, for every one criminal, there were many innocent bystanders (on the road and in the store) who were doing the right thing (which is ‘not’ doing the wrong thing).

After watching one person get Tasered for the second time, it struck me: it is so much easier to just do the right things in life! There are more people, in each situation, not doing bad things!

I’ve never seen anyone get chased or Tasered for helping out a neighbor, for holding a door, or for donating his/her time to charity.

I personally don’t think you have to work as  hard to be a good person.  It’s got to be easier than doing something illegal or damaging, and always having to look over your shoulder.

You just need to keep in mind that each day you have an opportunity to do one good thing, to make one person smile, or to add just a little bit of positive energy to the world.

I know this message will not reach everyone in the same way, and that is fine.  At least I know there will always be people out there making appearances on my TV, too dumb to get the message, and too dumb to not get caught on video.

Bad boys, bad boys…..  : )


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