What Could Go RIGHT in 2010?


I woke up this morning to a column at a major news website which asked: “What Could Go Wrong in 2010?”.

What followed was a laundry-list of worst-case scenarios submitted by readers, each scarier than the previous (except for the peppered-in spam about job websites, etc.).

Am I saying that things are great right now? No.

Am I saying that our future is rosy? Not necessarily.

But, I wonder what the responses would be like if my headline had been used. Is there ANYTHING going on in America right now that gives us ANY hope for the future?

Of course there is.

Perhaps it would be helpful to include some of these things in a re-cap of the state of our country right now, instead of blasting a shot of doom and gloom over the bow of a brand-new year, and asking the public to help load the cannon.

Some industries are having their best year ever.

Some communities have rallied to rebuild and come together in support.

Some new leaders are emerging, full of promise for the future.

Where do you stand on this? Are you tossing logs on the bonfire that will illuminate the future, or burn the world down?

Life is a roller coaster. We can choose to climb slowly and steadily, eventually enjoying the ride, or be screaming downhill, scared out of our minds, with no hope for a happy ending.

Which way are you personally headed in 2010?


One comment

  1. Up, up and up away, my beautiful, my beautiful baloooon ! Excited, good start already to the new year. Great year last year (which was cool, because I turned 50). Do we every stop learning about ourselves and what’s around us? I HOPE NOT ! Good luck this year to you and THANK YOU for your inspiration.

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