I ‘Let’ You…Under My Skin

  Last week was a challenging one.

 It seemed that, despite being a motivational speaker and author, I was surrounded by negative people. Unlike my regular days when my force-field generally catches them, I let a few of them get under my skin.

 It was frustrating, to say the least.

 It started on Sunday, when a ‘Friend’ on Facebook made a negative comment after I posted a positive quote. Bottom line: I got pissed off, and started to type a reply. Just before posting it, I caught myself and deleted the message, opting instead for an answer of “I am not sure, anyone else care to weigh in?”.

 What followed were at least a dozen replies from real friends, wondering why this person chose to be negative instead of positive, and thanking me for continuing to post positive things in the face of so much negativity in the headlines.

 A day later, as a member of a personal development on-line forum, I began a thread praising a video sample which inspires me. I even typed in a request asking that those critical of the video please leave the thread to the fans. Of course, negativity reared its head in the form of a ‘dark cloud’ personality.

 Once again, I let a negative person get under my skin, taking a bit of positive thunder out of my soul.

 In dealing with some family issues recently, frustrations and fears have tinged a few days with some aggravation, which has also taken a little wind out of the sails.

 My salvation continues to come in the shape of positive people who inspire and support me, who pick me up when I am down. Thanks to them, I come back to my senses, and to my mission to create positivity every day.

 While not every day above ground is a great day, each sunrise brings the opportunity to create a good one. Even as I make my living as a motivational speaker, author and entertainer, it is a lesson I will continue to learn over and over.

 Are YOU allowing certain people to get under your skin, creating challenges as you make your way through each day?

 Perhaps you can keep this story in mind, and it can help you to stay focused, as others have for me.

 I wish you the best for the upcoming week!

 May you keep the dark clouds from entering your sky, as I will try for mine!



  1. Funny how there’s always somebody willing to try and rain on our parade and bring us down to their level of unhappiness. Your story brings to mind the old quote by Napoleon Hill –

    “Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit.”

    We have the power to choose, and we can always choose to step back, take a deep breath, and remain positive in spite of the negativity of others. And the part I love the most – we become even stronger when we make this choice.

    Let your light continue to shine, and their dark clouds cannot stand against you.


    P.S. I enjoy reading your blog, keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks Steve. I’m hiding under my desk at home wondering how on earth I’m going to take the next step with the vision I’m trying to develop, which is beginning to drive me a bit mad! But a general stay positive message is very helpful.

    Thanks again


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