Integrity, the Juice of Life

In case you think I’m hawking Jack LaLanne’s Power-Juicer, I am not (although if you call before midnight tonight…). Sure, he’s 95+ years old and still has the strength of a horse. A 95+ year-old horse, but a horse nonetheless.

I’m talking about Mark McGwire, and his generation of athletes (a minority, yes, but they make the most noise) who decided it was okay to enhance their bodies chemically to gain an edge. Have you seen him lately? After years of denial and refusal to ‘talk about the past’, he has finally admitted a decade-long use of steroids and performance enhancing drugs. Why? So he can get a new job in baseball, a game he helped taint as he broke records set by honest athletes.

I bet jack LaLanne would love to kick his butt right now.  He probably can!

According to, integrity is defined as: Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.

Jack LaLanne juices fruits and vegetables, and has lived a long life with strong body and mind (and ridiculously bushy eyebrows),  inspiring several generations to create bodies buoyed by healthy living.

Mark McGwire tearfully apologizes (FINALLY) and admits his own brand of juicing which has brought shame, regret and a dark shadow on the integrity of America’s pastime.

Perhaps they can build a new wing at Cooperstown, just outside the Baseball Hall of Fame. It can be a line of Port-a-Potties, each stenciled with the name of a record-breaking ballplayer who accomplished his feat with the help of the juice. It can be called Asterisk Alley. Guess who the new tour guide is?

Am I writing this as a personal attack on Mark McGwire? No. I don’t even know the guy. I am writing this as a condemnation of his kind.

Are you as tired as I am of people who are taking millions (even BILLIONS, in the case of Bernie Madoff) of dollars from others while they perpetuate the myth that they are in positions of dedication and responibility to their clients, bosses and fans?

Lee Iacocca wrote a book titled “Where Have All the Leaders Gone?”. I really enjoyed this book.  It is a play-by-play description of how so many of our so-called ‘leaders’ have let us down over the last decade, eroding the principles on which our country was founded.

Now, I ask you this question: which juice are YOU drinking? Are you putting healthy thoughts, knowledge and actions into your body and your life? Or are you putting the bad stuff into your heart and soul, hiding in the shadows of denial as you lay waste to those around you?

If not, great! Is there anything you can do (ethically and morally) to get even better in your game?

If so…are you willing to admit it to your victims (and yes, that’s what they are), and do what it takes to turn it around?

How are you juicing, in your life?



  1. Excellent Steve! My son plays travel baseball and I am saddened to see such a wonderful sport tainted by these losers. Not to mention the expectations these young boys have of themselves after watching people like Mark McGwire play. Wonder what records he would have broken had he not chosen to do what he did.

    1. Thank you Rhonda! It can be scary to see who the kids look up to, and why. I hope your son can connect with the ‘real’ players who play their hearts out for the love and integrity of the game.

  2. I love this Steve, keep it up! The world needs more people asking these questions and inspiring others to ask them of themselves. There is always room for improvement, always something new to learn and I am thankful that reading your posts either reminds me of a lesson once learned, points out something I didn’t think of or teaches me something new.

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