Sometimes You Just Have To Ask

As the new year dawned and I had my beautiful list of goals ready to go, perfectly articulated to ensure that this year generated more accomplishment than last…a thought struck me: I had no idea how to actually get out there and make some of them happen!

They were lofty. They were specific.  They were pretty much out of my reach…until a friend asked me about them. I mentioned to her that one of my biggest goals this year is to create opportunities to use my most recent book “20 to Life (In A Good Way)” to help raise funds for non-profit organizations by way of corporate sponsorships. When she asked, I told her that Big Brothers/Big Sisters is one which I greatly admire. She suggested I mention it to my social networking sphere on Facebook.

Within 15 minutes, I received not one but TWO messages, complete with names and contact information from friends of mine. I had no idea they were connected to these people.

Since that day, another friend has made inroads for me as well.

Wow, I could’ve had a V-8!  Remember that TV commercial? It was one of the most memorable moments in advertising history, capturing the ‘duh’ moment when someone realized that everything he needed for good health was right there, in reach, except his eyes were closed to the fact that it was there.

To Wendy, Kristina and Bonnie…THANK YOU!  You’ve reminded this dog of an old trick: asking for what you want.

Sometimes we get caught up in our own backyards, tangled up in our own tasks, forgetting that we can call out to our neighbors for help…provided we have built up that trust and commitment by being good neighbors.

I look forward to being that good neighbor in return as soon as I can!

Are you struggling with something in your life right now?  Hitting a brick wall you just can’t seem to pass?

Guess what? If you ask, there may be someone on the other side of that wall, ready to open up a door to let you through.

Sometimes you just have to ask!



  1. Hey Steve-

    Very nice blog-asking what you want. I think in the crazyness called life at the moment, with limited resources-many of us are afraid to or reluctant to ask for obvious reasons.

    Quoting one of my favorite bible verses: Luke 11;0 “So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Although this has biblical applicatons-I beleive if your heart, and motives are genuine, ethical and pure before “God” then asking for things in the near future may be a bit easier.



  2. Steve,

    Its amazing how the one thing that gets in the way of people’s achievement and/or personal success is their ego – they don’t ask for help.

    It could be for their career, or personal life. The lack of motivation in the workplace can be related to people not asking for help. Things get overwhelmed, and if they just asked someone (and most people want to help), they could get things done, work together as a team, and find motivation to get things done!

    Asking for help is key to anyone’s success – and, once you check your ego at the door and ask for help, watch THAT door open up for more positive opportunities. This is how the successful have succeeded!


    Motivation in the workplace – Ask for help!

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