Who Is In Your Mirror?

A friend of mine lost his job recently.

Basic storyline: he worked marathon hours for his boss. A situation arose, involving the police, which could have created a legal situation with serious consequences. My friend stopped in his tracks. His boss has since said he would have denied all responsibility had an incident occurred, and fired him for not completing his assigned task.

While the economy is still challenging out there, this situation proved to my friend that a decision had to be made. He made his by refusing to stray from his ethics and moral, and was fired.

In a sense, he didn’t necessarily lose his job. He simply wasn’t willing to compromise his personal integrity to keep it.

His reply to me: “I can look in the mirror”.

While scruples do not necessarily put food on the table, many of us cannot escape our consciences if we compromise ourselves in any situation. I am sorry that he no longer has his job. To him, it is not really a total loss, as he has a dream: he is currently meeting with his legal representation to secure the rights on a product he created, which will bring value to people and raise money to benefit several causes near and dear to his heart.

One door closes, another opens. And his heart. mind and hands are right there to make it happen.

A little background on him: we met last Fall after a mutual friend put out a request (on Facebook and in his weekly newspaper column) to help clean up a vacant lot in our city.

He showed up and immediately went to work. We discovered enough broken furniture and trash to create a living room in the parking lot, then cover it with all the junk we found. His heart is in the right place (heck, we all missed the first half of the Patriots game to do this!!).

How is your reflection looking these days?

Have you been compromising your ethics and values, just to stay afloat or gain ground?

Do you genuinely like the person you see staring back at you each morning?

If you’ve been avoiding the mirror, are you willing to take a look today, to see who is staring back at you?


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