You Don’t Have To Be A Saint…

…But Don’t Be An “Ain’t”!

Whether or not you are a football fan, I believe the story of the New Orleans Saints has lessons for us all.
This organization has suffered in the shadows of the NFL for so many years. At one point, during their abysmal 1980 season, the Saints fans sat in the stands wearing paper bags over their heads with “Aints” drawn on their foreheads.   Ouch.
It took them more than 20 years just to enjoy a season with more victories than losses.
Have you been living in the shadows far too long?
Have you reflected, each New Years Eve, on yet another losing season in your life?
Have your greatest supporters turned their backs on you, and even taunted you, as you try over and over to find your way to victory? 
My best advice: stay focused on your goals, carefully select your teammates, and find coaches and mentors who inspire you and can help you strategize.
It can be very difficult to win the big game of life on your own.
Although he was voted MVP, Drew Brees could not have won the game without great pass protection from his offensive line, and the sure hands of his receivers.
His decision to execute an on-side kick was a major turning point in the game, but Coach Sean Payton needed the buy-in and full-tilt effort of every player on that field to make it happen.
His interception sealed the victory, but Saints defensive player Tracy Porter relied upon his teammates’ blocking  to ensure his safe travel into the end-zone, and into the history books!
So…where is your life’s goal-line?
Who are your teammates?
Who are your coaches and mentors?
Who are you protecting in this game of life…and who is protecting you?
Best wishes as you assemble your game-plan, build your team, and design play after play to win your game!

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