Listen To Your Heart, Then Sing Your Song!

Do you know what you want to do with your life?

Do you know your message?

Are you singing your own song?

I just got off the phone with my good friend Jack Mitchell. He is also a professional speaker. We each began our individual journeys long ago, and our paths crossed by way of an introduction made by a mutual friend about three years ago.

Jack’s sixty-plus year road of life has taken him almost everywhere, doing most everything. In the dictionary under ‘variety’, it should say: ‘See Jack’.

What he has recognized is that his message is one of hope, of peace, of body-mind connectedness through breathing, and of self-awareness.

One of his passions is speaking with prison programs aimed at reducing recidivism. He’s spent time in the presence of some hardcore criminals, and reached them in a meaningful way…not an easy task.

Bottom line: Jack’s a great man, and has a great message.

Like many of us, he has figured out what he loves, and he does it well.

The tough part, as he and I have discussed many times, can be finding the perfect message for the perfect audience.  I can honestly say that I have, in the past, found myself in situations which were not a good fit. 

Those were the early days, when the battle-cry was “I can speak for anyone and share my message in my owen personal style”.   Wrong. 

Wait, let me say that more effectively and accurately:  VERY WRONG!!!!!

What I had to do, after some pretty challenging situations, was go back to the starting gate. I had to do some intense digging, listen to my heart and decide what my message truly was. I got it out on paper, as if it was my personal mission statement (which it essentially was).

Next, I began to search for the best way to bring it to the world, and the best people to hear it. I liken this to figuring out your passions and strengths, then finding the perfect job to apply for, at the perfect company whose corporate culture resonates with yours.

Now, before I make this sound like an Alice in Wonderland version of reality, I understand it is not always possible to create this just by ‘thinking it’.  It takes time. I am 5+ years into my career, and am still seeking the perfect message and perfect audience. It is getting better, with very good results.

In the meantime, I am still learning, and am still surrounding myself with the best people and information to help me get there.

Jack is doing this also. We touch base every couple of months and share the latest steps in our journeys. It is refreshing to hear from him, and he echoes the sentiment each time we speak.

Who know where our paths will take us?  Who knows where your path will take you?

If I may make a request: would you be willing to take a few moments, in the most peaceful surrounding possible, to search your heart for your personal mission and message in life?

Once you find it, even if it currently resembles the tiniest flicker of light in a dark sky, would you be willing to find others who share the same message, and share your dream with them?  Are you willing to read books and gather information that can help strengthen your mission? Will you seek out knowledge from those who have blazed trails before you?

Will you then find your best audience, and share your song with the world? 

Jack is doing this. I am doing my best and, with that, I wish to thank you for reading this message, and being part of my journey, and listening to my song.

If you wish to learn more about Jack, you can find him on-line at

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