Is Bad News the BEST News?

Wow, what a week of headlines!

 A man outraged by the Internal Revenue Service intentionally crashed a plane into one of their buildings.

 Tiger Woods called a press conference to present a public apology for his marital indiscretions.

Another high-profile politician left office amid his frustration with the way the system is working (or NOT working, in his opinion).

 Each story was paraded before us in print, radio and televised news. Each report and update was more sensational than the last. Each one created its own brand of fiery emotion, generally negative.

 Some days it feels like we are drowning in the bad stuff.

 Is that a good thing?

 Isn’t there ANYTHING going on in this world that is positive?  

 If so, where is it?

 In your local newspaper, it is probably buried deep in the second or third section. On the news, it is probably a happy little snippet which will appear as they go into commercial, and will sound something like this:

 “And, as we head into our break, let’s look at this group of young people who stepped up in their community to make a difference for a local family” (followed by fake smiles and a quick fade).

 I pretty much make my living being positive. But, I do live in what has been described to me as the ‘real’ world. Bad things happen. I get it. But does that have to occupy the lion’s share of our time?

 Do you ever wonder if all the bad news brings even more bad news, as if our media outlets have to top yesterday’s news by finding something even worse to report?

“Yesterday we reported on (bad person), but just wait to see what we have for you today. It’ll blow your socks off…until tomorrow!”

 I used to work in a place where several negative people provided all the cloud-cover we needed to ruin a good day. Several of us would be gathered in the office, enjoying the start to our day…and then the clouds would drift in.  One would share something bad that had happened to him. The other, as if it was a game, would then share something worse in the “you think your life stinks, listen to what I’m dealing with” game.

 It got to the point where I wanted to wear a whistle and throw a flag, like a football referee…each time they opened their mouths I would penalize them:

 “We have an illegal procedure, depressing the entire staff, that’ll be a 15-minute penalty spent looking at photos from the boss’s family vacation to Myrtle Beach.”

 Look, I’m not going to even pretend I am one of those vapid “Hey everybody, life is perfect, let’s all smile and sing s song” speakers.  I make a living being positive, and I find people that that annoying.

 I’m just wondering: can’t we make a bit more of an effort to look for a few more good things happening in the world, and share those?

 A few days ago, I made a quick post on Facebook about how good I feel as a Double-Red Cell blood donor, along with a link to the American Red Cross. What followed was a parade of amazing stories from others about their experiences.

 In some cases, people who were no longer able to donate (for health reasons) shared their memories of how they wish they could still give, and have channeled their efforts in other ways.

 I love this. People actually took something good and ran with it, each adding their own generous flavor.

 Someone recently shared with me a story about people at a coffee and donut drive-through paying for the person behind the in line. The parade of generous do-gooders lasted several hours.

What a fun way to start a day, proudly smiling and exclaiming “Hey, I was part of that!”

 Would you be willing to trigger one of these actions or discussions today?

 Can you be the sun that overpowers the clouds in your workplace or family sky?

 Will you share something positive with the world today?


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