When Your Phoenix Rides A Pogo Stick

I love on-line definition searches!

Today’s word is phoenix: (FEE-nix)

     1) capital and largest city in Arizona

     2) mythical bird consumed by fire, rises from ashes to fly again

Today I am more concerned with the second one.  Although, given the 6-inches of snow in my driveway here in New Hampshire this morning…hmmm.

When one is experiencing changes in life, as old baggage is discarded and new opportunities are welcomed, people often refer to that individual  as a phoenix rising from the ashes. 

For me, as I continue to march toward achieving my goals and dreams as a professional speaker and author, some days I am still feeling the heat of the fire. There have been many successes, numerous challenges, and some ‘interesting’ results.

There are days I feel like my phoenix is riding a pogo stick.

Victories create flight, which I enjoy.

Failures plop me right back into the fire.

I’ve certainly deep-fried my share of tail-feathers!

The key, I have discovered, is to learn how to bounce back higher each time.

The heat of the flames has convinced me that the seat of my pants is not made of asbestos…landing back in the fire can be painful!

What I learn there will help me to fly higher each successive time, until my wings grow strong enough to maintain flight, and let go of the pogo stick.

I spend a good deal of my time seeking out those who have grown their wings. They have left plenty of clues for me (books, CD’s, DVD’s, seminars, etc).

Have you been feeling the heat of the fire a bit too often? Scorched a few tail-feathers, have you?

Whatever it is you wish to achieve in life, I’d be willing to bet someone else has risen from the same ashes and is currently flying high.

Are you willing to reach out and ask how they did it?

Perhaps you can share your secrets of successful flight with those around you still strapped to their own pogo sticks?

I wish you the best for a wonderful flight, a gorgeous view, and the most beautiful tail-feathers imaginable (they do grow back, you know).    : )

One comment

  1. I love “phoenix”…

    As a kid, phoenix represented a female character who literally rose from the ashes – she was Jean Gray on the Xmen.

    But as an example – she was a complete transformation of her former self. Completely changed! And this is what I am trying to accomplish for myself.

    I am talking “COMPLETE”! Having quit my full time 6-figure salary that gave me an ulcer, stress, and no time with my family, to focus on ‘me’ – writing, entrepreneurship, and influencing others to find their purpose and be what they ‘should’ be!

    Steve – my question – what are your steps to become a professional speaker? I’d like to know and maybe put myself in your path so I can learn from you!



    Shameless Blog plug: How do you feel about Motivational Quotes?

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