Sportsmanship Wins The Gold!

As I begin this writing, Team USA has just tied the score in the gold-medal hockey game with 24.4 seconds remaining. WOW!

Overtime! (I’ll admit, I was distracted and stopped writing to watch the game).

This match-up has already been, in my opinion, a legendary match-up.

 However this ends, for me, there will be no losers. Some disappointment, perhaps, but no need for heads to hang in shame.

It has been refreshing to see this brand of hockey for the last couple of weeks. Without the BS of fighting and dirty play, it became a game again, not a show (which some of the usual antics tend to create).

It is my hope that young hockey players have been taking note. The athletes of these two teams have proved to be some of the best role models on ice.

As I wrote these last few lines, Team Canada has scored the winning goal and secured the gold medal for their country. To my friends north of the border: Congratulations!  Battle well-fought, game well-played, gold medal well-earned!

To Team USA: thank you for making this American proud!

I hope you will all return with heads held high, wearing big smiles as you take the ice back home. May your level of sportsmanship and leadership fuel your fire for future successes on and off the ice.

To the athletes of every other nation…thank you for bringing some excitement to our televisions throughout this cold February!

May you return to your home countries as the heroes you deserve to be, inspiring the next generation of Olympians!

For the rest of us:

What can we learn from these athletes?

What can we do to get closer to being the best we can be?

What can we do to inspire others to reach for their greatest performances?



  1. First off – how do you write this while watching that game? Wow. What an amazing game.

    Yes, these guys are so dedicated and so committed it is amazing. All top athletes are – and the last game of the Olympics really represented heart and determination well! Also – to never give up!

    It was as you said – we can learn from them, we should strive to be the best we can be and of course, it was inspirational!

    I wanted the USA to win so bad for more than one reason:

    I love team USA Hockey. 1980 is why my dad got me on the ice and for many years I wanted to be on the USA hockey team. I played semi-pro ice and pro roller back in the early 90s…

    My son, with the score 1-2 with not much time left already was determined the USA would lose. The whole room groaned with, “WHAT are you talking about?” He is 9 years old and always sees the worst outcome when his team is losing. I don’t know where he gets this attitude as I am always the don’t quit, you can always win example.

    Finally, if they won, what an example I can use to him at that moment to never give up and to never quit!

    But, they didn’t.

    The one good thing – he saw how hard they fought for that last goal in the 3rd period. And after they scored there was a CHANCE to win. Wheras – he thought there was none.

    There is ALWAYS a chance if you don’t give up!

    I’d like to share these videos:

    Don’t give up!

    Validation for Self Improvement”


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