Bye-Bye Winter Blues and Blahs!

Here in New England, we were treated to beautiful weather this past weekend. Snowbanks magically shrunk, birds began singing, and I even noticed some insects flying (yes, very slowly) in the yard.
Although the calendar indicates that Spring is not officially due just yet, it was nice to enjoy this sneak preview.
Are YOU ready to awaken from your Winter slumber?
Have certain parts of your life been hibernating?
 I’ll admit it: this Winter got to me a bit. We had some family health challenges this time around. Luckily, things have improved. My Dad has been gradually recovering (from emergency open-heart surgery) for close to three months.
I let this event take me off my own game quite a bit. The worry, the anxiety, the frustration, the overwhelm, the depression, the anger…I’ve felt them all, and let them team up to beat me on occasion. There were days when I just wanted to clsoe my office door, shut off the lights and take a long Winter’s nap, hoping for Spring when I woke up.
Sadly, it just doesn’t work that way. I know I need to wake up every day and start all over again, reaching for new heights and motivating myself as well as those around me. I need these messages as much as anyone else.
Sometimes I forget that.
Today, I remembered.
I hope your journey takes you somewhere very enlightening today!

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