The Iceman Melteth!

I’ll admit it. I went through a bit of a rut recently.

Let’s just call it…hmmm…February.  : ) 

Even though I make my living as a motivational speaker and author, I am still human. While I enjoyed some amazing events and audiences, I felt very overwhelmed and a bit ‘behind the curve’ in terms of where I’d wished to be by the end of the month.

As I (embarassingly) shared this with several friends, I was greeted with nodding heads and confirmations that they, too, had felt this way.

Perhaps it was the long days, filled with plenty of darkness and cold weather.

Perhaps it is the doom and gloom being trumpeted daily in the media.

Whatever the reason, I felt as though I was not living up to my potential.

Last week we had our first bear sighting in the front yard. Not so much a sighting, but the easy-to-recognize signs of a visit: the bird feeder had been drained of its contents…a sure sign of Spring.

Also occurring last week: a brief speaking engagement at a speed-networking event, a 12-hour motivation-a-thon titled “March Forth’, and a speaking competition at Toastmasters.

These events, like the warming temperatures, re-ignited me. I felt as though I was coming out of a long winter nap, much like our bear.

My personal Ice-man is melting away. I feel re-focused, re-energized, and ready to get back out there and kick up my personal style of motivation, with a full hapy heart, once again.

Have you been feeling the effects of winter? Perhaps your greatest gifts and talents have been ‘hibernating’ a bit?

Is there a way you can thaw them out, and join the rest of the world in the rebirth of color, life and beauty this Spring?


One comment

  1. Wow – none of my comments last week stuck! I thought you were moderating them but I just posted two others and they stuck so something may have gone wrong.

    After rereading this post I remembered what I posted (i didnt write it on word like normal).

    It was kinda silly actually, I thought you had a ‘beer’ sighting not a bear. So I had a beer.

    Over here in Los Angeles we don’t have wild animal sightings. I saw Snoop Dog at Barnes & Noble and Brittney Spears at the Americana (out door mall) one Saturday tough.

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