Got Roots?

“The tree which outlasts the storm is the one with the strongest roots.”  (Steve Gamlin)

With all the wind/rain storms that have hit New Hampshire recently, it is not uncommon to see trees toppled like dominoes. 

I saw this one on Goffstown Back Road yesterday, still standing tall and strong, in contrast to more than twenty others strewn about the property around it.

My first thought: Why was THIS tree still standing when others fell? Some were violently ripped from the ground, with short, jagged strands dangling from the trunk.

Yet this one stands strong…and it’s all about the roots.

This tree is CONNECTED to its place in the earth. It is strong and healthy, with a solid root system.

In the real world, WE need to be connected like this tree.

The winds of change seem to be blowing now more than ever, so I ask:

Which tree are YOU…in your career? In your family life? In your own mind and heart?

Are you well-educated and adaptable, so that you can make adjustments as your company navigates any storms?

Are you connected with your family members, at a deep level, to be able to withstand the pressures which seem to damage so many others?

Do you stand tall and proud in your own mind and heart, reaching for the sun and all that is good? Do you stay true to your ethics and morals, refusing to compromise your inner strength?

I wish you the best in maintaining your strength and growth as life throws storms in your path.  Remember, it’s all about the roots.

Stay strong!


One comment

  1. Hey Steve – nice post – I’ve been leaving comments but they don’t seem to stick!

    Luckily I wrote it in Word…

    This is a GREAT question – “Are you well-educated and adaptable, so that you can make adjustments as your company navigates any storms?”

    Several months ago I went through a big layoff. A majority of people were able to make adjustments as we navigated the storm. But several could not! One coworker in particular. I was new there and got to know him. He was at an ‘educated’ position in the company BUT then I found out he was NOT well-educated. Flunking out of UCLA, flying to his home country to get an education (which I now question). He said he had a college degree, but his response to corporate changes were one of fear and resentment.

    My argument was, regardless of the hurt and pain we are going through, THEY (the company) has to do what THEY have to do. He blamed his misery on the new management, predicted that the company as going to go to the ground, and frantically looked for another job! Was he adaptable. NOPE – and I believe if you are well-educated and adaptable you can take those spur of the moment projects and handle them with professionalism.

    He couldn’t. And left the others to suffer as he walked out the door a month after the layoff for another job without giving notice.

    Talk about burnt brides.

    Funny thing is – his job was completely safe (as far as I was concerned). They already made the layoffs and were hiring replacements at a lower salary.

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