Appreciate or Depreciate…It’s Your Call

“What we obtain too cheap, we esteem to lightly.” (Thomas Paine)

Throughout my 42 years, I have experienced the full spectrum, from people who work to the point of exhaustion to earn just enough to survive to those who are handed every luxury life has to offer without the need for effort or struggle. 

My first car was a 1970 Chevy Nova. Bought it with my own money ($800) when I was 16. My Dad and I spent MANY hours fixing it up and getting it painted. It is safe to say that I ‘cherished’ that car.

At the same time, a fellow student received a brand new car for his 17th birthday, which he promptly wrapped around a tree after ‘tasting’ some alcohol…only to receive another shiny replacement car shortly therafter.

The difference, in my opinion, was the blood and sweat I poured into my project, mixed with the values with which I was raised. Dad and I worked painstakingly over every square inch of that car, doing my best to restore it to proud glory.

The other student took his gift as lightly as a sunrise. No matter what he did, there would be a new one tomorrow. Kind of like a shallow person’s Groundhog Day.

How do YOU value the people and possessions in YOUR life?

Do you cherish them for the gifts they truly are, or do you leave them out in the rain, knowing that life will hand you a replacement anytime they get rusty?

Are they appreciating in value?

Or do they depreciate with every ticking moment, with no remorse?

It’s your call!


One comment

  1. What a great metaphor. I meant to ask you about that Nova! I noticed that you had it in the background on your laptop…we had a 1972 at one time same exact color!

    My pride and joy is safely inside the garage my husband built around it. She patiently waits for us to complete the restoration process : ) It is good to sneak away from my day to day activities if not to work on it, at least to walk around it and dust it off from time to time….

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