Try, Try Again (And Again and Again)

“If at first you don’t succeed”…you know the rest.

That’s a phrase which has resonated in my ears and mind numerous times over the years, from Little League (made an error) to science class (accidental eruption) to high school football (dropped pass) to college exams (after which I graduatued Summa cum This Close).

Even now, as an adult, it is a phrase which still carries weight and merit. As an entrepreneur and speaker, I still get knocked down on occasion.

One of my current goals is to acheive the distinction of Toastmasters International Speaking Champion. Last Fall, I decided I would build momentum and confidence via one of the other competition tracks.

I got blown out of the water in the second round.


Sometimes I don’t succeed.

Yet I stay in the game.

And I try, try again (I am competing in the third round of the International, later this week).

And I learn (hopefully).   : )

Are you paying attention to life’s valuable lessons?

What happens if you do not succeed…at first?

Are you willing to try, try again?


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