How Much Do 6000 Songs Weigh?

This morning I popped the cork on my first gym visit for the month of April.

After several days of Easter feasting (minus gym visits), I cautiously approached the scale. You know, a casual smile, wink of the eye (how YOU doin’?), plus a few nice words…laying the groundwork in hopes of a friendly number.

After sliding the larger weight to the 200 mark (wow, do I miss that 150-pound notch!!), the smaller block danced its way through the high teens…18…19..20…then stopped, precariously balancing in mid-air.

220 pounds.

Not bad, I’m down from an all-time high of the “Turkey Day 227”, on my way to my target of 196 (which will allow me to reunite joyously with the 150 notch).

At that moment, one of the fitness instructors strolled by.

Understanding that these highly-trained professionals know everything related to weight and exercise, I asked (pointing to my iPod): “How much do 6000 songs weigh?”

His reply: “About 4 extra minutes on the elliptical should cover it”.

Cool, I thought. He did the conversion without a calculator!

Truth is: they weigh as much as I want them to weigh. I may even add more of them (the ones that inspire me to keep pumping, keep moving and keep my health) and delete a few boring ones (iPods can shed poundage too).

After 63 minutes, 5.9 miles, 825 calories burned…my iPod and I are already 17 songs lighter.

Is there a special song powering you through your day? 

If not, crank one up, and feel the burn!


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