Killer Cobwebs and the Dust-Bunny Rodeo

It’s official.  I am a slob.

My professional organizer has lit a candle for me.  Okay, several candles.

How does this continue to happen?

My excuse: I am busy…and I often allow my busy-ness to negatively affect my businesses. I own two small companies and am a quarter owner of an additional company.

It’s like having several rooms to keep clean, and doing just enough to keep each one from landing me on that ‘Hoarders’ television show.

So what is my problem? After several conversations with fellow small business owners this past weekend, it’s a pretty common one.

As we try to take care of the day-to-day items on out To-Do lists, many items are relegated to the dusty corners of the office. As I turned on all the lights in my recording studio/office this morning, I saw what the long dark winter brought (and left behind): an army of tumbleweeds, ready to strike as soon as I got too close.

What I also realized was this: the clusters of cobwebs in my office were mirrored in my mind as well. I am so busy going from task to task that the corners of my brain resemble a dust-bunny rodeo, complete with tumbleweeds bouncing off each other, leaving confusing clouds of dust.

What to do?

I have already spent 3 hours this morning with the broom, dustpan, vacuum and shredder, attacking my physical surrounding with all I’ve got. A few courageous tumbleweeds tried to fight back (as I caught a faceful of dust in one corner), but I am winning.

I must admit, I am already feeling a burst of refreshment and clarity. So much so, in fact, that I am writing this blog on a few minutes break.

How are the corners of your office, and your mind, these days?

Is it time to do some Spring Cleaning of your environment…inside and out?

What can you do today, or this week, to clean up your clutter…physical, mental and emotional?

Time to send those weeds tumblin’ out the door!


One comment

  1. Good for you Steve!! Spring is always a great time to clean out the cobwebs and open the windows and doors!

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