Good Sports Can Become GREAT Sports!

I am a fan of many sports. I am an even bigger fan of great sportsmanship.

Let me ask you this question: Would you compromise your integrity for just under a half-million dollars, even if it was unlikely you’d ever be caught?

Professional golfer  Brian Davis lived this moment last weekend. Dueling with Jim Furyk in a one-hole playoff, Davis penalized himself when his backswing caught a blade of grass, almost imperceptible ot the human eye.

It is very unlikely that anyone in the world would have caught it, but Davis did. After viewing a slow-motion replay, his concern was confirmed. His club had touched the grass, and he called a TWO-stroke penalty on himself, essentially giving away close to $400,000 in the process.

THAT is sportsmanship.

THAT is integrity.

Some would argue that it would have been okay, that nobody ever would have found out. Perhaps. But…Davis would have known, and that is a tough thing to live with, when you are a good sport.

Are you a good sport…in life? In business? At play? In your own heart?

Are you willing to be open and honest, to play by the rules, even if it may seem to benefit you (at least in the short run) to do otherwise?

Have you ever compromised yourself, only to later regret your decision? 

Please take heart in the actions of Brian Davis. Please be a good sport.

It will make the true victories so much more rewarding.


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