A Great Gesture, All Fired Up!

Two amazing things happened this weekend:

1) The Derry NH Professional Firefighters stepped-up and gave next year’s $130,000 cost of living adjustment back to their community

2) This was on the front page of the newspaper (replacing some bad news)

I loved reading this.

Their generous decision will keep the town within its spending limit, and will help to avoid the closing of any town fire stations.

To me, these heroes (heck, they run into burning buildings that I’d be running out of) just stepped it up a notch. They had earned this pay increase. It was part of the deal…and they gave it back willingly, for the betterment of their community.

This is sacrifice, of the highest order, in my opinion. I wish more communites had this small-town mentality. It’s a quality not often heard these days.

Bearing this in mind, I ask you this:

What are you willing to do to help your community?

Are you able to share your resources to make life easier for others?

Would you consider giving back, even if it denies you something to which you are entititled?

The Derry NH Professional Firefighters have shown me a new way to be a hero.

Well done!

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