Lighting a Fire With a Roomful of Goddesses!

How many of you can proudly claim that you spent your weekend in the presence of Goddessess?

I had the pleasure of speaking for a group of Athena’s Goddesses over the weekend. Ladies, you are both beautiful and inspiring. I loved our time together!

During my presentation, I took a moment to make a startling confession:

Hi, my name is Steve…and I own the Six-pack Abs DVD.

Sadly, I do not have six-pack abs.

Like so many other things, I have gathered the necessary tools to build something great, yet haven’t pulled the trigger and implemented this one.

As I have mentioned in a previous blog: all books, CD’s, DVD’s and speakers are FIREWOOD.

They are not going to do anything for us until we add our personal spark, from the passion in our hearts.

Nobody is going to eat that healthy food for you.

Nobody is going to spend quality time with your family for you.

Nobody is going to make that additional money for you this year.

When I asked, at the end of my time with the Goddesses, what type of fire they wished to light, my favorite answer was: ‘a BONFIRE!”.

Do you have excess firewood stacked up on your front porch? Have you gotten all the information you need to do something positive in your life, but haven’t yet added your spark to set it ablaze?

What are you willing to do, this week, to light your fire?



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