So…Where Will This Week Take You?

Life is like a roller coaster. We all get in the car at the beginning of the ride, hopefully surrounded with the ‘right’ people. As we move forward, we begin to click, click, click our way up the first hill, toward one of our goals.

So…I’ll repeat the question: “Where will this week take you?”

Will you take just a click or two toward several goals?  Or will you take a lot of action to get closer to one goal?

The last few weeks felt like I was clicking in too many directions, and not closing in on completion of any single goal.

So, as a change of pace, last week I decided to take Monday and Tuesday, hunker down in the recording studio and complete some projects from my overcrowded ‘back burner’.

Since then, I have completed audio production on a recent radio interview, last week’s “Attitude, Action & Law of Attraction” keynote presentation and an audition sample for a radio feature.

Good stuff.  I’m very happy with these results.

How is your back burner looking these days?  Would it help you to devote some time this week to COMPLETION?

Where could this week take YOU?


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