Caller ID and the ‘Daily Rut Report’

“Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power” (Shirley MacLaine)

Do you have people who try to dig their ruts in your back yard, at home or at work? 

During a recent keynote address, I encouraged ignoring negative people, even if it’s just at an emotional level.

Someone asked me how. 

My answer:  (drumroll, please)   Caller ID    (insert triumphant fanfare)

Many of us own this technology.  Here’s how to use it properly.

1) When your phone rings, don’t answer it until you know who is calling.

2) If you see the name and you are frowning, let it go to voice-mail.

3) If you are smiling, take the call.

4) Repeat as necessary.

If you are frowning, it is very likely one of ‘those people’ who call daily from ‘the rut’, with his/her weather report of doom & gloom.

Do you really need this? Or even want it??

After I provided this answer, someone replied: “But they call me because nobody else will listen to their tales of woe”.

My reply: No…they call YOU because YOU are the only left who will take their calls!!”  : )

There is a big difference between ‘helping’ people and ‘enabling’ them. If they are stuck in a cesspool of badness, with no desire to climb out….why would you want to buy a lifetime subscription to the Rut Report?

The fact that you answer the phone gives them permission to dump their daily dose on Y-O-U.

Caller ID is a great weapon. It’s like renting your very own super-power for a few bucks a month. Think of it as your phone-provider’s answer to the ‘Cloak of Invisibility’.

When you see that number that makes you frown, let it go to voicemail…and smile for a while.

Let them go dig up someone else’s back yard.


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