Do Ticks Have A Conscience?

Last week I pulled the first tick of the season off our dog Damon. It had obviously been there a couple days, as it was fat and happy, living off the nutrients of another living creature.

It wasn’t so happy a few moments later, after it was plucked from Damon’s fur (with my special Tick-Spoon) and crushed beneath my boot on the deck.

During a recent conversation with a friend, I discovered he is among the victims of a recent Ponzi scheme in NH. Scott Farah, president of Financial Resource management, is accused of masterminding a massive Ponzi scheme, to the tune of up to $80,000,000. That’s eighty MILLION dollars.

There are hundreds of people involved, many of whom have lost their life savings. My friend is among them.

How do ticks attack their prey? They drop from trees or sit in the grass, waiting for their next victims to come along. Then they dig in, and start feeding.

As human beings, we have a choice in who we choose to support or attack.

We choose to do ‘good’  in the world, or we choose to do harm.

As humans, we have a conscience. If I have done harm to another living creature, my conscience will quickly inform me that I am doing wrong. Even in the moments when I may have inadvertently done something less-than-positive, I am concerned and wish to make it better.

Where do you stand in this world? Are you out there waiting for your next prey, to drop in and feed off their lifeblood and resources?

Or are you adding to the wealth and resources of others by the way you choose to live your life?

Do you have a conscience?


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