Of Mice, and Mice (and More Mice)

“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

“Have ineffective mousetraps, and a world of mice will enter your home by crawling under that door” (Steve Gamlin)

Houston, and anyone else who may be reading this, we have a problem.

We’ve got issues with mice…a bunch of them. They are crawling around between the floors of our home. The cat is so full, she’s not even trying anymore.

As I shared these words with a strategic partner yesterday, he chuckled. He has a client who shared similar exasperation about his company.

It seems that a swarm of ‘little problems’ are plaguing the business, and his employees are so tired of chasing them that they’ve given up. Much like the issue in my home, his mice are currently winning.

Actually, mine are doing more than just winning. They are openly mocking me.

They’ve perfected the art of removing the peanut butter without capture, and then they hurtle the ledge-mounted traps in defiance as they prance around the foundation.

Does your life, or your business, sound like this?

Are there so many little problems that your attention is being taken off your daily/weekly/monthly goals?

Are the distractions winning the game and keeping you down?

Perhaps it is time to get creative. We’ve got to out-think our competition.

For me, it’s going to start with super-gluing peanuts to the traps and lining up three in a row so even the Bruce Jenner of the mice cannot hurtle them all.

Please take a moment today to ponder your ‘mice’. How will you outsmart them, and get back on track in your life, personally and professionally?

Do it, share it…and the world may just beat a path to your door. 

Good luck!


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