The Magic Lamp of Action

How many of us wish the world could be a better place? My guess is many.

How many of us are actually making the world a better place? Significantly fewer, I would imagine.

As a reaction to the doom and gloom headlines, or personally-viewed wrongs in the world, so many people say: “I wish someone would do something to fix that!”

Sadly, there aren’t wishes in the lamp to fix everything. It takes action (fueled and designed by the wishes) to get results. If good intentions were all it took to make the world a better place, we’d have no hunger, no war, etc.

So, it takes ACTION, born of a wish, to turn the tide.

Are you willing to breathe life and color into your wishes and make something happen?

Perhaps you can gather a group of wishers together. The power of numbers can bring amazing results.

As far-fetched as it may seem, there are many examples out there. Here is just one:

March 14th (Roanoke VA): 1300 volunteers gather to pack 285,000 meals to be sent to Haiti. Millions wished it would happen. In this case, 1300 amazing people came together to help out.

My question: will you be part of a future success? Are you willing to join forces with others, turning wishes into realities?

Together, we can make something amazing happen!


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